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If you need help fighting the for-profit private corrections industry, we're here to help you.  We have the data, the experts and the resources to successfully organize opposition. Contact Ken Kopczynski at 850-980-0887 or at kenk@PrivateCI.org.
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Maine Senate Passes Bill To Divest State Retirement System From Fossil Fuels

June 12, 2021

Arizona Budget Proposal Assumes New Private Prison Beds Will Cost More Than Public Facilities

June 12, 2021

GEO Stock Price Pumps, Then Dumps After WSB Target Short Sellers
June 11, 2021

Prisons Become Latest Meme-Stock Fad With Geo Jumping 38%
June 9, 2021

Three Indicted In Separate Violent Incidents At A Private Prison In Middle Tennessee

June 9, 2021

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey says lease plan for prisons no longer an option

June 3, 2021

Washington state and detainees challenge $1 a day GEO Group pay policy

June 3, 2021

Trial will determine if GEO Group must pay minimum wage to detainees at Tacoma facility

June 2, 2021



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