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August 27, 2004
Case name:Feliciano, et al. v. Rullan, et al., No. 04-1300 (1st Cir. 08/06/04).  Ruling: Although an appeals court characterized the denial of medical and mental health services in Puerto Rico's prisons as massive and systematic, it refused to derail court-mandated improvements that have failed for more than 30 years.  When a new secretary of health, John A. Rullan, was appointed over the prison system in 2003, he appealed to the court to discontinue the injunctive orders and fines and void a 10-year-old contract held with a private prison health care company. Rullan said the company has yet to see a single patient, although it has worked for a decade to put in place the necessary infrastructure to clean up the system.  (Corrections Professional)

Judge under federal investigation

August 4, 2004
At a time when Secretary of Justice Anabelle Rodriguez was confirmed by the Senate to the post of Associate Judge to Puerto Ricoís Supreme Court, the Federal Prosecutor Office received an official request from Judge Juan Perez Gimenez for an investigation of Rodriguez. 
On Wednesday Perez Gimenez said that he would seek federal determination as to whether Rodriguez, confirmed on Monday to the islandís highest court, engaged in criminal acts when she refused to follow a federal court order related to the Morales Feliciano prison overcrowding case. 
According to published reports, the document in which Judge Perez Gimenez orders Chief Federal Prosecutor in San Juan, Humberto Garcia, to investigate and notify the courts of possible criminal violations allegedly incurred by Rodriguez, was received only hours after the confirmation of the Secretary to the Supreme Court.  Judge Perez Gimenez requested the investigation after a hearing in which a letter written by Rodriguez was presented, the letter instructed Corrections Secretary Miguel Pereira and Secretary of Health Johnny Rullan to follow interagency guidelines and not federal mandates regarding prison medical services.  Department of Justice attorney Carlos del Valle accused Perez Gimenez of punishing and persecuting Rodriguez because she challenged constitutional matters in the Federal Court, while challenging his ruling in the Boston Circuit Court of Appeals.  The ruling in question regard the jurisdiction in the administration of correctional medical services, which transferred authority from the local government to a private provider contracted by Department of Correction.  Rodriguez immediately rejected the allegations because his ruling on the Morales Feliciano case is under appeal in Boston.  (Puerto Rico Wow)

Guayama Correctional Center
Guayama, Puerto Rico
May 9, 2002
Corrections Corporation of America yesterday said Puerto Rico planned to end a third contract under which the company manages a prison for the commonwealth.  Officials of the commonwealth believe they can run the prisons more cheaply.  (  

CSC Maximum Security Juvenile Detnetion and Treatment Facility
Salinas, Puerto Rico
December 2, 2002
CSC today announced the sale of its 132 bed maximum security juvenile dentention and treatment facility in Salinas, Puerto Rico to the Juvenile Institutions Administration of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico ("AIJ") for $15 million.  The facility was built as the result of a contract award to CSC by AIJ, which required the company to design, build and operate the facility.  Although construction was completed in January 2001, the facility was never occupied by AIJ.  At the time the facility was ready to receive juveniles, the Commonwealth requested CSC negotiate the sale of the facility to AIJ.  James F. Slattery, president and CEO stated.  Mr. Slattery further stated, "The sale of the Salinas facility is a significant milestone for our company.  For two years we have been attempting to find a way to free up the capital invested in this family which was not providing us with any return.  The situation has been a major distraction for upper management and has stifled our ability to execute on certain aspects of our strategic plan.  (Yahoo Finance)

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